How To: Ship Internationally with UPS

Ship Internationally with UPS

UPS gives you all the tools you need to take away the complications and confusion of international shipping. UPS provides simple, step-by-step online instructions and helps guide you through the required documentation to reduce the likelihood of customs delays.

Step 1: Restrictions

First, determine if service restrictions apply to you or your country of destination, then verify that you can ship.

Step 2: Service

Next, select an international service on This is where you can learn the specifics about UPS's international import and export services.

Step 3: Billing

Then, choose an international billing option, particularly one that suits your business model.

Step 4: Documents

Now, use the UPS TradeAbility feature to complete the required documentation. With programs like "Denied Party Screener," and the "Harmonizer" this TradeAblity feature guides you through the tough, but necessary forms like the SED and the U.S Certificate of Origin.

Step 5: Go Paperless

Also, take advantage of "Paperless Invoice" to help reduce customs delays.

Step 6: Prepare & Ship

And lastly, prepare and ship the package. Prepare your international shipping label online and then pay with a credit card, or through our UPS account, and you can schedule a pickup or you can drop off at a UPS location.

Learn how to ship internationally at UPS.

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