How To: Calculate Shipping Costs with UPS

Calculate Shipping Costs with UPS

This video demonstrates how to calculate shipping costs with UPS. UPS provides an easy-to-use online calculator to help customers accurately estimate shipping costs. By following a few simple steps, this tool can help customers control their shipping costs and avoid confusion during the billing process.

Step 1: Where You're Shipping To

First, figure out when and where you're going.

Step 2: Log in to UPS

Then login to and access the Calculate Time and Cost tool.

Step 3: Calculate Time and Cost Tool

Next, from the homepage, find the shipping tab and select Calculate Time and Cost and complete the required information.

Step 4: Fill Out the Info

Then, select shipping details, the packaging, the weight of your shipment and indicate how you'll be paying for it.

Step 5: Choose Your Service

Lastly, by using the side-by-side view in multiple options provided, review the dates in transit and choose your service method.

To get an accurate shipping quote, use UPS's Calculate Time and Cost tool at UPS.

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